Karbi Anglong Ginger

Karbi Anglong Ginger

Karbi Anglong Ginger

Local Name Karbi Anglong Ginger
Scientific Name Zingiber Officinale Rosc
Origin (State) Assam
Shelf Life 4 weeks - 40 days (can be kept fresh for up to 3 weeks when stored at 12-13 degrees Celsius)
Packaging Kg
UoM Kg
Supply Frequency Twice a week
MOQ (Units) 1000

Unique Information / USP

Most produce is grown Chemical-Free Ginger is grown n Singhasan Hills of Karbi Anglong district using the age-old system of jhum and tila Assam Karbi Anglong Ginger has been Conferred with the Geographical Indication (GI) Status by the Government of India in 2015 with the GI Number 226 Karbi Anglong is a medium-size rhizome with a yellow skin known for its distinctive pungency and heady aroma and is fibrous in nature with a shelf-life of 9 months. There are two types of ginger grown in Karbi Anglong namely Nadia and Aizol. Aizol has less fibre and is produced with the sole intention for export while Nadia is more fibrous and preferred for domestic uses. These varieties have high dry rhizome and recovery of oleoresin oil.

Here are seven surprising health benefits of Karbi Anglong Ginger

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Contributes to Weight Loss
  • Resolves Digestive Woes
  • Eases Cough and Cold Symptoms
  • Combats Pollution-induced Congestion
  • Relieves Pain and Soreness
  • Improves Skin and Hair Texture

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