Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Local Name Pithaya
Scientific Name Hylocereus undatus
Origin (State) Arunachal Pradesh
Shelf Life 3 weeks (can be kept fresh for up to 3 weeks when stored at 12-13 degrees Celsius)
Packaging Box of 4
UoM A Box of 4
Supply Frequency Twice a week
MOQ (Units) 150

Unique Information / USP

Most produce is grown Chemical-Free also known as “The Wonderous Fruit” of the 21st century They are packed with vitamins and minerals and are also a rich source of antioxidants. They are used in controlling cancer and diabetes, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, prevent arthritis and also fight against ageing It’s naturally fat-free and high in fiber. It makes for a good snack because it can help keep you full for longer between meals. It contains prebiotics, which are foods that feed the healthy bacteria called probiotics in your gut.

Here are seven surprising health benefits of Dragon Fruit

  • Reduces Risk of Diabetes
  • Reduces Risks of Cancer
  • Helps boost Immunity
  • Good for Digestion
  • Good For Heart
  • Fights Ageing Skin
  • Good for Hair

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