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GSHOOTS is B2B AgTech company established to place the farmer at the centre of the agri ecosystem and bringing about upliftment in their lives through reliable, predictable and commercially viable market demand. With precision agtech based vertical farms, ultra modern greenhouses and traditional chemical-free farming methods, farmers in the GSHOOTS network are increasing by the day whilst realising the full potential of their land, efforts and traditional knowledge.

At the end of the WW II, the world population was 1.3 Bn people and India's population at the time of its independence in 1947 was 340 Mn. Whilst, the world population has grown at an unprecedented pace to 7 Bn, India's population has reached a staggering 1.4 Bn. This burgeoning population and its insatiable demand for sustenance, rampant cultivation of forest land, extreme urbanisation combined with hydrocarbon based energy use has led to food and water insecurities that are the root cause of all global conflicts.

Compounded by the fact that not all of the food that is grown is available to the people where it is grown, leading to inequity in access and availability of the food. In addition, lack of requisite information and access to available best practices, digital divide exacerbated by technology coupled with poor storage management and archaic supply chain have lead to large scale devastation of arable land, poor yields, gargantuan wasteage and impoverishment of farmers.

GSHOOTS aims to address the challenges associated in the Agri ecosystem by linking all the key stakeholders and bringing about a revolution - one step at a time.

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Value Proposition

  • Existing Cultivators and Producers’ Network in Northeast
  • Guaranteed farm gate pricing – All year round
  • GI Tagged Produce
  • Reliable Refer-Truck Network through TPL Partner
  • Technology enabled for near real-time Track & Trace

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Advisory Services

GSHOOTS would partner with Individuals / Corporations, with land and capital, that need appropriate consultation, guidance, data-backed insights and a guaranteed ROE to help them use the most modern GAP and techniques to multiply yield and guaranteed uptake of the cultivated produce (Organic & Non-Organic).

Strategic Sourcing & Supply Services

GSHOOTS has an extensive network of FPOs / Government backed Societies / Individuals in the North Eastern region of India to supply the freshest, GI tagged, farm-gate price guaranteed, produce year round to retail chains through a cold chain controlled reliable supply chain.

Precision Vertical Farming

GSHOOTS in partnership operates and also has the requisite know-how to set up dedicated Vertical Farms and Green Houses to help eliminate variables of weather / soil / seasonality / vectors in order to cultivate high quality, fresh produce to cater to individuals and corporations for hyperlocal, domestic and export consumption.

Processing & IQF

GSHOOTS also provides the end-to-end value chain for its customers seeking processing / IQF based products that could not only increase shelf life but also provide a wide range of private labelling opportunities.

Export Services

GSHOOTS has a wide range of buyers; network in GCC, Western Europe, Canada and Australia. With increasing demand for horticultural produce - Fresh and Processed - we are uniquely positioned to cater to this need through our wide supply network in the North Eastern India.