North East Bounties

Northeast India is well known for its Agri – Horti produces like Khasi Mandarin, Jahaji, Chenichampa, Malbhog , Cherrapunjee and indigenous varieties of Banana of Meghalaya, Kachai Lemon of Manipur and Queen Pineapple of Tripura,  Bhut Jolokia from Nagaland, Bird’s eye chilli from Mizoram, Thuku elaichi from Sikkim etc.

which received geographical indications (GI). However, the revenue earned from agricultural sector by this part of the country is low as surplus products get wasted due to lack of initiative in processing, value addition and adequate marketing.

Blessed with biodiversity, fruits and vegetables, flowers, herbs and aromatic plants, NE India has the potential to transform into a commercial hub for Agri-business. With precision agtech based vertical farms, ultra modern greenhouses complimented with traditional chemical-free farming methods, farmers in the GSHOOTS network are increasing by the day whilst realising the full potential of their land, efforts and traditional knowledge.

GSHOOTS is achieving this through:

  • Bringing individual small farmers together to form FPO’s.
  • Encouraging trading legacy chemical-free farming practices.
  • Assisting with Agtech led improvements in cultivation techniques.
  • Leveraging multi-modal logistics capability through Air / Rail / Road / Waterways (Hubs: Guwahati / Shillong / Siliguri / Imphal).
  • Enabling access to all India market as well as Exports.
  • Getting farmers to upgrade techniques and seek “Organic” Certifications.
  • Involving local entrepreneurs to set up sorting / grading / cleaning/ processing units.
  • Providing access to various Crop Insurance and assistance with Credit for the same.

GI Registered Crops

Citrus is by far the most horticultural crop in Arunachal Pradesh, with Arunachal Orange accounting for about 90% of the total citrus population.

North East Indian state fruit Tripura’s Queen variety of Pineapple has been declared by President Ram Nath Kovind In 2018.

The Naga tree tomato is now one of the unique agricultural items from the North-East to be granted Geographical Indication status.

Kachai Lemon is regarded special because it contains 51 percent ascorbic acid, the greatest amount of ascorbic acid found in citrus fruits to date, whilst other Lemon kinds have just 20 to 30 percent ascorbic acid.

Sikkim has established as a model for the ideals of traditional organic agricultural practices, and Lager Cardamom has enormous export potential that may be pursued further.

Subtropical evergreen litchi trees (Litchi Chinensis) are one of the most important fruit trees in the world.

This specific Mizo Chilli Pepper comes to fame in Northeast India after earning the Geographical Index (GI) from a small and remote place in Mizoram.

The type cultivated in Karbi Anglong Ginger is a unique low fiber variation, and this root is so unique that it has its own GI label. That’s why it’s maybe the greatest Karbi Anglong Ginger in the world.

Khasi Mandarin is exclusively grown in Meghalaya, in both the northern and southern belts, while those grown on the southern slopes of the Khasi Hills are highly regarded for their juiciness and sweetness.

Memang Narang is a little sour fruit with a pleasant smell. When completely mature, the fruit’s surface is a smooth and bright orange-red to nearly scarlet in color.


Value Proposition

  • Existing Cultivators and Producers’ Network in Northeast
  • Guaranteed farm gate pricing – All year round
  • GI Tagged Produce
  • Reliable Refer-Truck Network through TPL Partner
  • Technology enabled for near real-time Track & Trace

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