Nagaland Kew Pineapples

Nagaland KEW pineapples

Nagaland's KEW pineapples are renowned for being incredibly sweet and juicy. They have received a 100% organic certification from OneCert International. The Kew variety, originating from Nagaland, has an oblong shape that tapers slightly towards the crown. The fruit's broad and shallow eyes make it ideal for canning. When fully ripe, the fruit turns yellow, and its flesh is a light greenish-yellow color. It is almost fiberless and extremely juicy, with a 0.6–1.2% acid content. With a sweetness level of 14–18 brix, this pineapple variety is exceptionally juicy. It contains more fiber and juice compared to the locally available Rani variety. Moreover, the kew variety is known for being easy to cut and slice, and its skin is less thorny than the regular variety.

The state's agro-climatic conditions are perfect for growing pineapples on a large scale. Pineapples from this district are known to be some of the best in the world due to their exceptional sweetness and minimal fiber content. In 1916, Rev. Watkin Roberts introduced pineapple cultivation to the Hmar community in Assam's Cachar district, leading to the production of the sweetest pineapples in India, with sugar content ranging from 16 to 28 percent during the monsoon season.

Nagaland's tribal farms cultivate three types of pineapples: queen, kew (known locally as gaimpew), and giant. Kew pineapples are plentiful and serve as a key resource for the food processing industry. Pineapple cultivation in the region has a history spanning over 50 years, with Molvum being a favored area for growing pineapples among the Nagamese people.

In 2012, ICCOA took over the farms to promote organic farming, assisting farmers in obtaining organic certification for their produce. This helped them reach markets across India and overseas. The farms are now fully certified organic, producing nearly 8,000 metric tons of organic pineapples. Most of the harvest is consumed locally and in neighboring states.

Rare N Fresh™ is dedicated to bringing you the finest kew pineapples. We carefully select farms in Nagaland that practice sustainable and regenerative farming techniques. These farms are known for producing the sweetest pineapples in India and have received recognition from both Indian state governments and international organizations.

Here are Five surprising health benefits of Queen Pineapples

  • Helps in Weight Loss
  • Treat colds and cough
  • Helps in Digestion
  • Help to Reduce Cancer Risk
  • Good For Teeth

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