Kutch Kesar

Kutch Kesar

At Rare N Fresh, we are sourcing the Kutch Kesar from a specific Farm located in Kutch, Gujarat and is the only internationally certified organic farm and follows some of the most sustainable and regenerative farming methods in the country. The farm has a distinction of boasting the highest number of certified organic products in the state of Gujarat and has been awarded by many Government of India and International entities.

Kutch Kesar is a variety of mango that is grown in the Kutch region of Gujarat, India. Kutch Kesar mangoes, are known for their bright yellow color, juicy pulp, and sweet taste. Harvesting of Kutch Kesar begins a month after harvesting of Gir, in the first 10 days of June. Taste of Kutch Kesar is different from that of Gir Kesar, but it still holds a place in the hearts of mango lovers.

Kutch Kesar mangoes are considered one of the finest mango varieties in India. They have a sweet and tangy taste with a unique aroma. The mangoes are known for their saffron-colored flesh and smooth texture.

Kesar mangoes of Kutch have more total soluble solid (TSS) matter than other mangoes produce in the country, which makes it more popular. Also, its sweetness and kesar flavour are its claims to fame. Pesticides are not used in the production of Kutch kesar mangoes, which creates a demand for these in the international market,” said S B Moradia, deputy director of district horticulture of Kutch. Kesar mango is grown in 10,500 hectares in Kutch and the annual production is around 70,000 tonne.

The Indian government has designated Kutch as a cluster for the development of this mango variety as part of its ‘Horticulture Cluster Development Programme’ (HCDP). The initiative seeks to enhance horticulture throughout the country. Under the HCDP, Kutch has the potential to attract Rs 200 crore in investment, and this project would help develop Kutch kesar as a brand and increase farmer income.

Known for its dry land, Kutch district is gaining its recognition as fertile land for the ‘Kesar’ variety of mango. Closely competing with Saurashtra, Kutch is becoming a preferred place for Kesar mango. Farmers claim, drip irrigation from groundwater is supporting the prospects for Kutch to become a Kesar mango heartland – a title currently enjoyed by Gir Somnath district in Saurashtra.